The 4CH project started on the 1st January 2021 to design and prepare a European Competence Centre (CC) for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage which will work proactively for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage (CH). The CC structure, organization and services will operate as a virtual infrastructure providing expertise, advice and services using state-of-the-art ICT with a special focus on 3D technology. It will be compliant with the EOSC vision, providing an open collaborative digital space for cultural heritage conservation giving access to repositories of data, metadata, standards and guidelines. Access to High Performance Computing service providers will be supported. A Strategic Advisory Board, including representatives of major national and international CH bodies, will be established to advise on cultural, scientific, technological, financial, strategy and policy areas.

The core results of 4CH work will comprise of:
• a holistic interdisciplinary approach to state-of-the-art 3D documentation of monuments and sites for conservation, preservation, access and exploitation
• guidance on policies and strategies;
• a catalogue of well-documented standards;
• an inventory of software and tools;
• guidelines for data acquisition, management and storage;
• a set of success stories on advanced digitization;
• advice on funding opportunities;
• training and education plans for professionals and managers;
• communication and dissemination of 4CH results;
• a complete business model and a sustainability plan for the Competence Centre.

4CH will foster the implementation of actions to substantially increase the number and the quality of digitized sites, documents and monuments.