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  • InDICES Project Final Event image

Final event of the inDICEs project

The Final event of the the inDICEs project will be held in Rome, Italy on 2nd of March 2023, at 9 a.m. The venue is the Auditorium of the National Central Library, Viale Castro Pretorio, 105, Rome. The conference can also [...]

Cultural Heritage Workshop in Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

4CH organised a workshop in Pinacoteca di Brera on Cultural Heritage (CH) to get feedback from the community. More than 50 people from different organisations signed up for the event which was on the 15th September. The event, free [...]

  • TourismA Programme

4CH at tourismA 2022

4CH hosted a meeting and a workshop at tourismA in Florence. On Friday morning, the 30th September, the 4CH meeting focused on the perspectives and the strategies for the Italian Competence Centre. Francesco Taccetti introduced the project and its current status [...]

  • The Kouros of Palaikastro on Instagram

The Kouros of Palaikastro on Instagram: a 4CH case study

The Andreas Pittas Art Characterization Laboratories (APAC Labs) are based at the Cyprus Institute, a key partner in the 4CH project, and use state-of-the-art technologies to investigate research questions relating to art, archaeology and cultural heritage. One of their recent [...]

4CH at tourismA 2022

4CH are hosting a workshop at tourismA in Florence on Saturday morning, the 1st October which will start by bringing the audience up to date on the status of the SUM (Save the Ukraine Monuments) initiative and the first national [...]

  • Pinacoteca di Brera - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker statue

Cultural Institutions Workshop

The "Cultural Institutions Workshop" will be held on Thursday 15th September 2022, one of the first actions for direct involvement with the 4CH target community organized by the project. The event will aim to understand the needs of cultural institutions [...]

  • View of Florence

4CH adapts to new challenges

The 4th Interim Meeting of the project partners was held recently as a hybrid event in Florence and on Zoom. After 18 months, everything is progressing well as described by each of the Work Package leaders for their specific activities. [...]