The project Advisory Board is a consultative body formed by high-level experts representing cultural institutions, heritage agencies and ministries, international organizations, professional associations or having special expertise on key technologies. It advises the project, provides feedback on its products, and liaises it with the civil society and the heritage community, serving as ambassadors of the project.

The Advisory Board members are invited to join since project start. It is convened jointly with project management meetings. It will self-organize its activity with administrative support from the project.

Invitations to qualified experts are being sent. The following preliminary list includes the names of those who have returned the signed consent form required by GDPR to publish their names. Many others have informally accepted, and we are waiting to receive their consent form to publish their names as well in the list below.

Advisory Board
According to the provisions of the EU laws about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this list includes the names of the members who sent the Consent Form (CF).
The names of other members who have already joined the AB will be added as soon as we receive their CF.