The CARE: Cities As creative, crises-Responsive Environments. Towards a common manifesto of innovative solutions for the contemporary city will be held in Bologna from 29th to 30th September 2022.

The event is being organised by the TRACE research team of the Department of Architecture University of Bologna, in collaboration with FAM Fondazione Alma Mater, the Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, University of Helsinki, and the University Library of Bologna within the MIUR – Department of Excellence.

Starting from the multiple intersections between crisis and care for the urban environment, “CARE: Cities As creative, crises-Responsive Environments” aspires to collect reflections and contributions on how urban contexts and consolidated cities have demonstrated their creative ability to trace new paths, and their degree of responsiveness to change and unexpected challenges, enacting and inspiring tactics and strategies to face possible future crises. The explored themes will feature urban transformations, policies, innovative tools and programs, grass roots initiatives, adaptive reuses, historical investigations, unconventional mappings. The involved disciplines are urban history, history of architecture, aesthetics, sociology, urban planning, technology of architecture and architectural planning.

The symposium is a follow-up to the international research workshop “How are Cities Reshaped by Crisis? Urban Response to Major Crises from the Black Death to Covid-19”, held at the University of Helsinki in April 2022.

The symposium will be held in presence with the possibility to connect online.

Further information including registration and the programme:

Download the PDF programme.