Creative Commons (CC) is expanding their offerings for the Creative Commons Certificate, a training programme about open licensing and ways to engage in the global, shared digital commons. Currently, there are two CC Certificate courses, one for educators and one for academic librarians. CC are currently “alpha” testing a Certificate for GLAM audiences that supports cultural heritage institutions in releasing their content under CC licenses and tools, where applicable. CC anticipate offering an “beta” test of the GLAM Certificate starting September 27, 2021. Like the other CC Certificate courses, the GLAM Certificate will be a 10-week long online course. It’s rigorous, and will require an average of 6-10 hours of work per week.

If you or a representative from your organization would like to take part in the “beta” cohort, CC have select tickets open.

Taking the CC Certificate for GLAM beta training entails the following:

  • Participation in the 10-week online course; including asynchronous reading, practical exercises, discussions, assignments and a final project. Also including optional synchronous discussions and webinars;
  • Facilitation and expert review of participant course activities (excluding ungraded activities such as quizzes, and optional discussions);
  • Engagement in feedback surveys, and prompts.
  • Participants who receive 90/100 points or more on their graded activities (discussions, assignments and a final project) will receive a CC Certificate.

Because this is a beta test of the GLAM Certificate, it will only be open to 25 people. CC will (1) reduce the $500 USD course fee to $250, and (2) request a fair amount of feedback before making revisions for future courses.

CC are reaching out now given the significant time commitment the course will require. If you or a representative from your institution would like to participate in the beta test, please let CC know by or before May 31 via email to:, and CC will provide a discount code for registration requests within around 3 business days (as long as tickets last).