4CH organised a workshop in Pinacoteca di Brera on Cultural Heritage (CH) to get feedback from the community. More than 50 people from different organisations signed up for the event which was on the 15th September.

The event, free and open to all, had three purposes:

  • to promote the 4CH project and the creation of the future Competence Centre,
  • to collect the needs of CH,
  • to identify best practices to be valued.

The workshop was organised into three parts, the first two in plenary and the third in working groups. The first contribution was from the director of the Pinacoteca di Brera, James Bradburne, who shared the management strategies and initiatives carried out by this important cultural institution.

The second part was dedicated to the CH organisations that submitted a “best practice proposal” on the three proposed themes: digitisation, accessibility and communication. Contributions came from universities, UNESCO sites, historic villas and museums.

Then the participants were divided into three working groups for the break-out sessions. They had the opportunity to brainstorm on the issues, discuss and some needs of CH were collected.

The needs that emerged are: regular events like the Cultural Heritage Workshop, training courses and guidelines.

The material produced (currently only in Italian): “Book of participants” and the agenda are available here.