Paranthropus robustus SK-48

Paranthropus robustus SK-48. mBy Ditsong National Museum of Natural History – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

This  article by Jesse Martin, a graduate archaeology researcher at La Trobe University in Melbourne, was published on the 25th April in Scientific American.  It is a good example of the sort of technological application that 4CH seeks to promote. In the article, Jesse describes how the adult male skull of a Paranthropus robustus was discovered and excavated from the caves at Drimolen in South Africa. This fossil consisted of 300 or more fragments and a 3D hand-held scanner was used to record each piece of the cranium in situ enabling digital reconstruction. Furthermore, a 3D model allows researchers all over the world to access the skull in a non-destructive way whilst maintaining a record of a truly remarkable find for prosperity.

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