This page contains links to reference documents about digital cultural heritage produced by the European Commission and by authoritative institutions in charge of cultural heritage, key research outputs, and documents created by the 4CH work. It will grow as the project proceeds.


EU Commission

Signed (2019) by 27 European countries, the Declaration commits signatories to work more closely together to better use state-of-the-art digital technologies in addressing risks that Europe’s rich cultural heritage is facing, enhancing its use and visibility, improving citizen engagement, and supporting spillovers in other sectors.

A concise guideline by the DCHE (Digital Cultural Heritage Expert group) on 3D cultural heritage assets


4CH Outputs



A report by the Europeana 3D Task Force on user needs and requirements and on the quality of the 3D data and metadata available in different repositories in Europe and in Europeana especially.

A concise presentation by Marco Medici on the INCEPTION methodology, one of the pillars of 4CH