The Time Machine Organisation (TMO) is the institutional governing framework that ensures the sustainability and economic independence of the Time Machine project which completed in 2022. The purpose of this project was to create a huge distributed digital information system mapping the European social, cultural and geographical evolution across times. This was achieved by using ‘Big data’ resources and applying a number of processes starting with digitisation along with other extraction processes such as document segmentation and understanding enhanced by Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications, leading to simulations of hypothetical spatiotemporal 4D reconstructions. Today, there are over 80 local Time Machines and/or related projects established all over Europe and the TMO has around 650 members.

Currently, TMO organises Time Machine Academies,  learning events to foster the circulation of knowledge and expertise developed within the Time Machine community. Participants are provided with training, both theoretical and practical, on how to apply particular tools and/or pipeline to their own project data. The latest event, “Lillo 1640 – Methodology and Workflow of Virtual Reconstruction” filled very quickly but TMO is planning another event due to the popularity of this topic in the near future and it is possible to register your interest in relevant topics on the Time Machine web site.