Our World Heritage is hosting the second online event, Globinar 2, to discuss the transformational impact of Information Technology on cultural heritage on Saturday 10th April 2021.. The Our World Heritage initiative aims to raise general awareness about the opportunities and threats that natural and cultural World Heritage sites encounter in the 21st century, precipitated by, among others, increasing development pressures, industrial and mining operations, climate change, unsustainable tourism and conflicts. The systematic involvement of civil society is elementary in finding sustainable solutions.  Roberto Di Giulio, Inception Srl, will represent 4CH in the Breakout Session 2 entitled “Capacity Building & Networking”.

For further information and to register for this Zoom event, see https://www.ourworldheritage.org/it_globinar2/.

There will be 4 Sessions over a 24 time period plus a Closing Ceremony so attendees can select a the time zone that suits them.

SESSION 1: 12:00 PM start in UTC +8 (Shanghai / Perth / Singapore)
SESSION 2: 12:00 PM start in UTC +3 (Amman / Beirut / Istanbul)
SESSION 3: 12:00 PM start in UTC -2 (Nuuk) / 11:00 AM start in UTC -3 (São Paulo) / 2:00 PM start in UTC +0 (Accra)
SESSION 4: 12:00 PM start in UTC -7 (San Francisco / Vancouver)
CLOSING CEREMONY: 5:00 PM start in UTC -7 (San Francisco / Vancouver)