Two more videos have been published with leading experts on how Competence Centre networks can benefit their particular areas of interest.

Corinne Szteinsznaider, an expert in digital cultural heritage and EU cultural policies, is the coordinator of the Michael Culture Association. The Michael Culture Association is a European trans-domain network devoted to European digital cultural heritage, from aggregation, protection, preservation, valorisation and reuse, aiming to support the Digital cultural heritage communities.  In her video, Corinne presents the role of MCA in the 4CH project and introduces Véronique Chankowski, guest speaker and long-term partner of MCA.

Véronique Chankowski is the Professor of Greek History at the University of Lyon 2 (France) and Director of the “École française d’Athènes”, French School of Athens. Her contribution covers various aspects of how research actors could benefit from a Competence Centre, with a focus on the topic of illicit trafficking of cultural heritage. By creating a multidisciplinary dynamic network of competence, and skills, the Competence Centre for the preservation of cultural heritage, could be a key structure to enhance the protection of heritage.

View the videos.