The design of the European Competence Centre for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the network of national Competence Centres (CCs) requires a wide consultation of stakeholders to take into account the diversity of needs, local conditions, legal and organisational structures, scholarly traditions, ongoing initiatives and degree of digital maturity of the sector throughout Europe. It is also necessary to consider the impact of the recently published “Commission recommendation on a common European data space for cultural heritage”, which encourages the digitisation of cultural heritage across Europe and indicates the common principles for such data space, the digitised content it will host, and the related advanced technologies required for the ambitious goals it sets.

To collect feedback from stakeholders, the 4CH project is launching a discussion programme, which will be kick off with a workshop organised for the afternoon of 15 December 2021, under the auspices of the Commission’s DG Connect. The workshop may be attended online.

The workshop will include three sessions, following an introduction by a Commission representative:

  1. The European context: relevant contributions by Europe-wide initiatives
  2. Cooperation and international relations (including Monumentenwacht, ICOMOS and UNESCO)
  3. Technological and organisational aspects of the European and the national CCs

The event programme can be consulted by clicking here.

To see the video, visit our Vimeo channel by clicking here.